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My oil change was scheduled for 3/29. I...


My oil change was scheduled for 3/29. I was just dropping my car off the evening of 3/28 for service the next day. However, before I even got home from dropping it off, I received a call from the service department that my car was ready to go. I was shocked, but very pleasantly surprised since that prevented a lot of hoopla the next day over having to be dropped off and picked up by my husband. That day was also my first experience dealing with Theresa. She was a pleasure from beginning to end. She greeted us promptly upon arrival, chatted us up, and was nothing but pleasant and professional. She even got my husband talking, which is hard to do if he doesn't know you! I told Theresa about the only negative experience I've had with Doug Chevrolet, which was my most recent salesman telling me that front wheel drive is the same as all wheel drive.....just less than 3 months before I got into an accident driving in the snow. Because of that, she wanted to 'make things right' and made sure my car got taken care of right away. These are the experiences that keep me coming back to Doug Chevrolet for my vehicles and for service! Keep up the good work!!

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